Diversity Trainings dealing with diversity and differences

Why to participate in a diversity training?

Hamburg is a city of immigration. At present more than 25% of its inhabitants have a migration background. They come from about 170 different countries and cultures. It is a major challenge to perceive this diversity as a ressource and to manage intercultural living together in an active and conscious way.

The diversity training of IKB was developed by our team as a one-day seminar. Participants acquire intercultural skills through awareness raising and self-reflexion. The workshop combines theoretical elements with many practical exercises. The participants discover cultural diversity and differences through direct experiences.

Who can participate in a diversity training?

Diversity trainings are aimed at  members of staff of various social and regular services and personal development services, who employ and supervise people with migration backgrounds. Furthermore, these trainings are aimed at all interested parties, who have different ethnical and cultural backgrounds and advocate for a better dialogue between cultures. Our diversity training can be booked for individuals or groups.

Flying Experts

Upon request our diversity trainers can visit your organization as flying experts and hold workshops at your premises. Moreover, you can also actively participate in shaping the content of these workshops.

You want to apply or book a workshop?

Apointments which have been booked by individuals will be published on our homepage. If you are a group/team you can easily arrange an appointment which could take place at our or your premises.

Participation fee: 80 per person ( 50 for ALG II recipients and students)
Registration via telephone: 72 96 32 26 or 39 35 15