Art exibitions


Exhibitions in IKB Eimsbüttel

Our society and the media still present a highly stereotypised picture of migrants:
Migrants are usually helpless, uneducated, passive, dependent on their families and  unable to communicate due to their poor command of the respective language.

That's why for many people in our society it is inconceivable that women with migration backgrounds manage to take control of their lives or express themselves in a creative and artistic way. Therefore, it is very important to provide these women with a place so that they can present themeselves and their artistic work to the public.

IKB Eimsbüttel is located at Hallerstraße 1c, 20146 Hamburg and offers women with various cultural backgrounds a place to desplay their artistic works without  having to organize the exhibitions or pay any fees.
Art can also be seen as an oportunity to revive and enhance the intercultural dialogue. Another idea is to promore the exchange between artists from different parts of the world as well as the exchange between migrant and local artists.

Last but not least, it is our aim to improve the public perception of women with migration backgrounds in our society. This could be reached by emphasizing their potential and presenting them not as weak, deficient and needy beings, but as strong, competent and creative women with ressources and great potential.

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